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Take your outfit to the next level with this hat


Hat has always been an indispensable part of wearing, eliminating the complicated steps of hair grabbing, easy to wear immediately fashionable.

Numerous hat, fisherman hat should be the most popular design in recent years, its versatile characteristics, no matter what style can control, today and collocation jun together with the fashion hipster wear, learn how to put the fisherman hat wear model.

Street fashion


With the return of the retro trend, the fisherman hat with the charm of the 1980s is more popular with the fashionistas. The wide basin hat style and a circle of brim look low-key and fashionable. It is not only the standard match of street fashion bloggers, but also the favorite of many fashion ICONS.


Want to interpret the style of street trend, in fact, there is no difficulty, you just need to wear “with the mood” a little bit good, the simplest is a T-shirt with casual pants, T-shirt patterns and colors are not informal, but because it is the trend line, choose a little brighter color will be more stylish.


Of course, you can also wear plain T, and use necklace, bracelet and other accessories embellishment;  In addition to jeans, refreshing shorts are also very suitable for summer styling.


To match with the above single taste of the trend, it is suggested to choose a colorful fisherman hat, the basic is with a tide brand Logo or American graffiti, a little more advanced is colorful full version of printing or grid, stripes, etc..  All in all, there is no limit to the street wind, it depends on how you want to feel today.



# Casual formal wear


If you thought fisherman hats were only for street chic, think again!

In fact, formal wear can also use the fisherman hat as a match, but this way, of course, will appear less formal, but more casual style, so if you are a straight suit office worker, or to consider the company can accept oh!


Light casual suit with fisherman hat, is a fashion show side is often seen to wear, because of the integration of formal and leisure, so it will not make people feel too stiff or too casual, presenting a proper sense of fashion.

A simple T-shirt and sneakers can be worn underneath a blazer.  Or wearing a shirt and cropped suit pants to complement the fisherman’s hat.


Design and color respect, might as well can try to design the fisherman cap with stronger feeling, deconstruction wind or different material joining together is right choice, color recommends low-key black, white, gray, under formal atmosphere, reveal the fashionable soul that gives a bit wild unruly.



# Japanese simplicity



Many Japanese magazines or wear websites, often can see Japanese street type people with fisherman hat collocation, and most of them are very simple, which is a big advantage of fisherman hat, do not need to wear a bunch of flashy accessories, just one can easily make up the shape, highlight their taste and personality.


Essence T and shorts, with a clean white shoe on his foot, is the most orthodox Japanese muji wind, you can use the fisherman hat fastens with color, make whole outfit more consistency, or contrast color design, let the body focus, whatever the collocation, can develop agile and contracted and pure and fresh feeling, make you more attractive!


Plain fisherman hat is the most recommended style, even if there is a Logo, it should not be too large, otherwise it will appear a strong sense of trend, not so simple, might as well try white or beige fisherman hat, because light color gives a more refreshing feeling, suitable for simple and agile Japanese wear style.



# Functional mountain system




With fishing vests and work pants becoming so popular, there are more and more functional and fashionable clothes on the market. Want to add style to your mountain look?

In addition to the mountaineering hat, the most suitable accessories are not fisherman hat, not only to prevent the sun from basking in, but also keep handsome appearance, it can be said that kill two birds with one stone god level single product!


The upper body chooses to wear much pocket vest or charge clothes, build functional feeling, the lower body can match overalls or powerful functional wind pants, and then wear a fisherman hat, the feeling will be quite fashionable.



Mountain function wear criteria, in addition to handsome, but also must have practical function, so choose fisherman hat, recommended to choose nylon material, the advantage is light and anti-splashing water, many mountaineering hat will also use the material, on the other hand, and other functional cloth clothing will be more match oh!




Post time: Oct-20-2021